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Eat Fit - Diet and Health

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Do you know what are "Diet Boxes"? Effective, but very expensive diets for the Stars, right? but not anymore! We present .... EAT FIT! Eat Fit is your mobile nutrition coach. The application introduces everyday healthy eating habits as well as helping you lose extra kilograms. The effects can be seen after the first weeks of implementing a given diet.
Premium edition:
* 700 meals!* 2 Premium Diets : 1200kcal Diet and Mediterranean Diet* No ads* More possibilities of meals exchange
In order to create Eat Fit, dietitians brainstormed knowledge to create a rich and balanced diet designed especially for you.
EatFit offers a few diets as well as over 700 meal propositions within a diet. You have the possibility of selecting your favourite meal! The menus are diverse, so you don't have to complain about monotony in the kitchen.
EatFit reminds you about meal creation, proper body hydration, or grocery shopping. The application accompanies you at all times. Thanks to this app, you won't forget about the next delicious and healthy meal.
EatFit allows you to monitor the effects of your diet. Thanks to the application, you can note your progress and boast about your successes to others!
Let Eat Fit be a patron of your health!Download the free application and enjoy your successes.
- 1200kcal Diet – diet with caloric content lowered to 1200kcal. Difficult and demanding, but giving quick results.- 1500kcal Diet – diet with caloric content lowered to 1500kcal. Moderate diet, which lets you lose extra weight in a slow fashion.- 2000kcal Diet – this diet assumes an intake of 2000kcal, it aims at establishing healthy eating habits and allows to lose extra weight in a slow fashion with no risk of yo-yo effect.- Gluten-free Diet – diet based on gluten-free meals.- Mediterranean Diet – diet based on the principles of Mediterranean cuisine; large quantities of fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread, fish, and pasta, among other things.

User Manual :) 1. Go through a brief setup and choose a diet.2. Browse the meals by sliding your finger across the screen until you find your favorite.3. Set a diet for several days.4. Generate a shopping list using the ‘basket’ icon.5. Go shopping, cook, and lose weight.6. Keep a record of your achievements.
* Materials placed in the application are the sole property of the author. Her Owner will not hold accountable for their use and impact on your health. The application is informational only, before the start of diet, consult your health physician.